Nicholas Boothman

For all those people who asked, “Hey Nick, how can I write a book that actually sells?” Here’s the answer.

The problem for many would-be writers is that they never get started on their book. Or if they do get started, they never finish—or they slow down in the middle, procrastinate and lose interest. Add to the fact that if you don’t put the elements of your saleable book in place before you start writing, you don’t stand a chance.

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Nicholas Boothman

How to Write A Saleable Book in 10-Minute Bursts of Madness

"Boothman shows how to race from the beginning to the end of your book and lay down an entire first draft in under two weeks - or just three days in his accelerated workshops."


Nicholas Boothman is an international best-selling author and speaker who beat the odds. He went from being a professional fashion photographer who didn't have the faintest idea how to write a book, to a professional author, with three international bestsellers in a row-in just 10 years. The chances of this happening are less than one in a million. Along the way he learned a series of tips and techniques that will allow anyone with a burning passion to write a book that sells. In his new book and at his weekend workshops, Nicholas shares these techniques and takes would-be writers of all levels through the five essential steps to writing a self-help book that actually sells: preparing, producing, polishing, publishing and promoting. Embark on these steps in the right order and your books will fly off the shelves. Get it wrong and you’ll have a basement full of unsold books.